Pricing and Tips 

Fabercoaters is the best value for money in the Northwest - The best quality for an affordable price. 

Powdercoating is priced on a cost per square metre of surface (inside and outside an item) and generally includes sandblasting preparation. 

This cost is dependent on your colour choice. 

We have put together a list of approximate prices below on some regularly powdercoated items as of 1st Sept 2021. Prices are indicative only and may be subject to variation. For a full quote, please contact us on 02 6792 7209 or email 

Sandblasting is priced on a hourly rate at $225 + GST/hour. 

Labour for removal of non-bake items is charged at hourly rate of $88/hour


The pricing of your powdercoating does not include removal of items such as tyres and items that will not sustain heat of 180 deg Celcius. To save money, remove any of these items prior to delivery. 

When choosing your colours, some are more UV stable than others. Fluor colours are mostly not UV resistant. It is possible to protect these colours from fading by application of a top clear coat at an extra cost.

If you are re-furbishing a powder coated item with a new colour, a similar colour or darker is the best choice. Changing from a dark colour to a light colour will may lead to “bleeding” through to your new finish along edges and corners, no matter how well the item is blasted to remove the previous colour.

Come prepared. When collecting your newly powdercoated item, consider how you will transport it to keep the finish in pristine condition. You may need some blankets and tie downs. 


Product Approx Cost (Inc GST)
 Bullbar - Car  $225.50
 Bullbar - 4WD Light  $363
 Bullbar - 4WD Medium  $387
 Bullbar - 4WD Heavy  $423
 Side Steps - Small  $205
 Side Steps - Large  $260
 Side Steps With Scrub Bars  $340
 Underbody Box  $88
 Underbody Box(Set of 2)  $165
 Ute Tray - Steel Floor  
 2400L  $1,320
 2000L  $1,210
 1900L  $1,155
 1800L  $1,100
 1600L  $919
 Ute Tray - Wooden Floor  POA
 Rims - Motorbike  $60
 Rims - Car  $77
 Rims - Truck  $121
 Motorbike Frame - Small  $221
 Motorbike Frame - Large  $165
 Pushbike Frame  $77
 Pushbike Frame, Fork and Bars  $99
 Security Door =- Standard Size  $88
 Sewing Machine  $88
 Bed - Single  $121
 Bed - Double  $154
 Bed - Queen  $176
 Babies cot   $121
 Stool Frame  $55
 Kitchen Chair  $55
 Outdoor Chair - Small  $55
 Outdoor Chair - Small Cast Iron  $60.50
 Outdoor Chair - Medium  $60.50
 Outdoor Chair - Medium Cast Iron  $66
 Outdoor Table - Small  $77
 Outdoor Table - Small Cast Iron  $88
 Outdoor Table - Large  $101
 Outddor Table - Large Cast Iron  $121
 Box Trailer
 6x4 or 1.8x1.2  $797
 6x5 or 1.8x1.5  $852
 7x4 or 2.1x1.2  $852
 7x5 or 2.1x1.5  $935
 8x4 or 2.4x1.2  $935
 8x5 or 2.4x1.5  $1,045
 Trailer with Sides $265 SQ MTR  e.g. 3.6x2.3x210 = $2,194.20  
 Trailer without Sides $235 SQ MTR e.g. 3.6x2.3x185 = $1,945.80  
 Tubular Panels & Fence Panels  
 600 High  $38.50
 900 High  $44
 1200 High  $49
 1500 High  $55
 1800 High  $60
 2100 High  $66
 Single Gate  
 600H x 1000L  $38.50
 900H x 1000L  $44
 1200H x 1000L  $49
 1500H x 1000L  $55
 1800H x 1000L  $60
 2100H x 1000L  $66
 Double Gates
 600 x 3000L  $93
 900H x 3000L  $99
 1200H x 3000L  $121
 1500H x 3000L  $137
 1800H x 3000L  $159
 2100H x 3000L  $176
 Brackets  $3
 Drop Bolts  $7
 Latches  $7