FaberCoaters source powder from two leading Australian powdercoating suppliers, Dulux and Oxytech, and have access to an even larger range of colours from the USA. To check colours available, click the below links to go directly to their powdercoat colour range selectors

Oxytech Powders that Excite

Dulux Powder & Industrial Coatings

(Please note: Due to differing screen quality and resolutions, these colour charts may not give a true representation of the finished coating and should be used as an indicator only. It is recommended you visit our location or request a metal coated sample should you need a specific colour match)


Different from Wet Paint

The powder used is developed specifically by manufacturers to give a certain colour result. It is not like wet paint where colours can be mixed to produce a new colour. Whilst the range of colours is increasing and there are some colour matches for vehicles and outdoor colourbond etc, generally most powdercoat colours are “similar” rather than an exact match. At FaberCoaters, we strive to achieve the closest possible colour for your item or recommend a contrasting colour should a match not be available.


Types of Colours

At FaberCoaters, we stock a large range of varying types of powders. The main types are Basic Colours – such as Black, Blue, Red, Green etc. These are available in Gloss finish and some are available as a Satin or Matt finish. ‘Hammertone' – This finish leaves a rippled coating on your item and is generally a very hard wearing finish. Often referred to as “Antique” ; there is also a lighter hammertoe version called ‘scilla’ which gives a ripple ‘leather-like’ finish. Specials – these include Metallics, Pearls and Fluros. These colours are often slightly more expensive due to the nature of the powder and extra processes involved in their application. Need more information? Check out our Pricing and Tips page(LINK) or Contact us on 02 6792 7209 or via email