Powder Coating

How does it work? 

Any metallic items can be powder coated giving a tough, durable, industrial standard finish. 

Powdercoating is a process that involves using statically charged powder to coat items which are then baked in a large oven to set the coat into a hard finish. 

At FaberCoaters, we prepare our metal items for their powder by sandblasting (see here for more information on sandblasting  to remove any debris or oils from the surface. This means no chemical treatments are used. 
Your item is then undercoated with a zinc rich primer and baked before it receives its final colour coat and second bake. 
The zinc primer is generally used on all items that are not aluminium to increase durability and reduce susceptibility to rust. 

FaberCoaters works on a batching basis, teaming like colours together for baking so cross contamination does not occur between colours. 

Like to see some examples? Head to our Gallery and see what we do. 


Not just the Best…..we are the biggest too. 

Our gas baking oven capacity is 9.4m in length, 2.6m wide and 2m high and one of the largest Powdercoating bake ovens in the northwest. 
This enables us to take on jobs of varying sizes from smaller garden furniture items to large farm machinery parts. 
We’ve even used it to dry large quantities of plants and grains for our local Plant researchers.


What Can’t be powdercoated? 

Any items that will char or melt at 180 deg Celcius must be removed prior to the Powdercoating process. 

Delicate and easily broken items may become damaged upon sandblasting and preparation for coating.

There are some items that are non-negotiable and are unable to be coated:
These are any things that have contained petroleum such as fuel tanks etc as well as any items that have contained gases such as gas fuel tanks, air conditioner units, refrigerators etc

If you are unsure, we are here to help and welcome you to contact one of our staff for more information. 
We reserve the right to decide whether an item can be successfully powdercoated.



Our premises has a large yard for loading and unloading your items. 
One of our licensed staff can unload using a forklift should it be required. 
When picking up your items, it is recommended that you bring soft packaging and tie-downs to ensure the safe travel of your newly powdercoated item. 

Not local? No worries! We offer a freight and packaging service for all our customers and are happy to provide a quote. 

Contact us on 02 6792 7209 or email pcoat@fabertoolboxes.com.au for more information.